Monday, May 8, 2017

Sowing Seeds with our Mother

At a recent conference, a speaker described how she never understood why her two grandmothers were always working their Rosary beads when she was a child.  Only years later, she said she realized that they were "sowing seeds."

If we can only reap what we sow, it's worth considering what kind of seeds we will commit ourselves to sowing with our Rosary beads.

When the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three shepherd children one hundred years ago (5.13.17--10.13.17), her simple message was to pray the Rosary in reparation for evil and sin.  Bead by bead, Mother Mary asks us to sow seeds of healing and hope.  Decade by decade, we are invited to nurture a garden destined to bear fruit unto eternal life.

So, what seeds shall we sow in honor of the Fatima Centennial year?  Here are a few possibilities for your consideration (feel free to make your own list!):

Seeds of Faith to pierce our smug rationalism with light;
  and of Healing for those who suffer silently each night.

Seeds of Conversion to Christ as our sole Lord;
  and of Peace for those brutalized by discord.

Seeds of Hope for those living without love,
and of Meaning which flows down from above.

Seeds of Life where death appears to reign,
and of Joy even for those who know pain.

Seeds of Glory borne from Christ's death and Resurrection,
and of our Childhood sealed with the Father's protection.

Seeds of a New Story made present in Christ Jesus,
  and of Awe for a Lord who so thirsts and so needs us.

Seeds of Devotion to our Mother, such as her Son has shown,
and seeds of Gratitude for reaping where Another has sown!

Finally, if you want to sow some seeds in solidarity with Catholics across America, check out this bold invitation from Dynamic Catholic:

5 Million Rosaries for America