Monday, May 15, 2017

"Christ's Resurrection is not an event of the past..."


"It is an irresistible force."

+Pope Francis (EG, n. 276


"The Trinity"

The reality of the Christ's Resurrection continues to shatter myths.  And the evidence continues to confound modern myth-makers!

Whether it be the myth of a pantheism which claims that everything is equally sacred thereby leaving nothing sacrosanct (including the human person), or the myth of a "therapeutic moralistic deism" which alleges that God is essentially a celestial butler whose job is to come and make me feel good about myself (as long as I'm trying to be a good person), or the myth of a "new" atheism which pretentiously claims that science can provide a total explanation of reality (or someday will!?), the ongoing and irresistible force of the Resurrection compels each of us to take a stand:

  • Given that the God-Man broke down the wall of death and now lives, I must admit that He is really Real and everything else is real only in relation to Him.

  • Given that the God-Man rose from the dead to bring Eternal life into temporal affairs indefinitely, I must admit that I am a beloved child of God to whom Christ has united himself--and that God is closer to me than I can ever imagine.

  • Given that the God-Man has destroyed the seemingly indestructible--death--and has ushered into history a new dimension of reality, I must admit that finite reason is unable to comprehend all the mysteries of an infinite Mind and Heart.

Are these merely challenges posed by a blind faith, or reasonable responses to irrefutable evidence?  It is reasonable to read the complementary--but not monolithic--accounts of the Resurrection in the four Gospels as signs of eye-witnesses trying to make sense of a sui generis and meta-historical event.  Why would fabricated accounts include the incredulity of the first disciples at this once-in-human-history event?

It is reasonable to read the 2000 year flourishing of the Church founded by Christ as a sign that He has continues to keep His promise to be with His followers until the end of the age. The Church is a divine body made up of frail human parts.  But what merely human institution has survived and thrived for so long, in so many cultures and contexts?

It is also reasonable to review the amazing and multi-faceted scientific research into the Shroud of Turin as a first-hand relic of the Resurrection. Treat yourself to Fr. Robert Spitzer's overview of peer-reviewed research about how an incredibly intense burst of energy from the body of the crucified Christ seared a mirror-image of his now Glorified Body onto the burial cloth.  This Ultimate Moment in human history is preserved in this sign of signs for a scientific age. (Feel free to share the clever meme below!)

For a number of additional Easter-season treats regarding the reasonableness of Christianity from Fr. Robert Spitzer, check out these four pillars of the resources on faith and reason (and share this resource with family and friends!):
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"Do not let your hearts be troubled": Christ Jesus continues to lead all people to the Father--

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