Monday, June 29, 2015

Obergefell and a Tale of Three Cities

(Washington, D.C., 2015)  Nietzsche rules!  Through a narrow majority ruling of the high court, the "will to power" carries the day throughout the USA:  Marriage is no longer something, but is anything those in power want it to be.
The Court's decision implies that children no longer need to be bound together with their mother and father; despite sociological and psychological evidence to the contrary, society as a whole must now say that any combination of partners can do an equally effective job raising children.  Thus, the re-defining has more in common with un-defining:  What once was something, and now is anything the powerful want it to be, in reality has thus become nothing.  Marriage and family have effectively been de-constructed.

"Equality," reduced to mere "sameness," requires the elimination of anything that suggests difference.  "Love," reduced to mere sexual attractions and desires, demands the social acceptance of any and all sexual behavior, even as it denies the possibility of chaste friendships rooted in mutual affection.  A politically correct version of "inclusion" ultimately requires intolerance toward anyone who appears to be "exclusive."

Thus the Obergefell decision looks eerily analogous to previous Supreme Court decisions which attempted to re-define reality--e.g., "human beings" in a way that excluded African Americans (Dred Scott), or  "choice" in a way that included a right to kill the unborn (Roe v. Wade).  The least and the powerless suffer at the hands of the prevailing whims of those in power.  Presumably, this decision also lays a legal foundation for preventing future "discrimination" against polyamorous or incestuous relationships.  After all, how can the state deny equal treatment to those who demand it?

Of course, it remains to be seen whether the deconstructive force of the "will to power" can provide the peace and joy and hope which eluded Nietzsche himself. 
(Jerusalem, 33 AD)  Christ conquers!  The reality of the Resurrection confirms the presence of God in the person of Jesus and the in-breaking of the Kingdom of God.  Death itself is swallowed up by Life. 
God has spoken the definitive answer to the emptiness, the hopelessness and the meaninglessness which threaten even those who live according to the "will to power."  The fullness of life is now available to any person who wants to live in right relationship with God and others.  Jesus' "not my will, but yours be done" has definitively trumped Satan's non serviam--"I will not serve".  Human beings need no longer be slaves to the fallen tendency to stamp their feet and shout "my will be done."
The grace of the Risen Lord, who is present and active through his body on earth, empowers people to give even the least what they deserve.  Survival is not allowed only for the "fittest," and power is no longer used as a weapon against the weak.  The needs of children are more important than the emotional demands of adults.
Love itself has been liberated from incessant self-seeking--self-gift and self-sacrifice for the sake of others is the "new normal".
(My Hometown, USA)  Which city will you embrace in your home and in your family:  The City of God or the City of the "Superman" (Nietzsche's "Ubermensch")?  The city where the little ones and the least are put first, or the city where the desires of the powerful (re)define reality itself?
The Kingdom of God is at hand, indeed.