Monday, June 22, 2015

A Man for This Season

St. Thomas More
As prayer, penance and study continue during this year's Fortnight for Freedom, St. Thomas More again looms large.

Check out this three-minute scene from the 1966 Academy Award winning film, A Man for All Seasons: Having been convicted of treason and sentenced to death--despite an absence of evidence--Sir Thomas More is allowed one final statement before the court.  Such moments of Christian witness speak to truths which precede and supersede the authority of any civil state.

Finally, here is an additional pearl from Robert Bolt's original play, A Man for All Seasons:

 “If we lived in a State where virtue was profitable,
common sense would make us good, and greed would make us saintly.
And we'd live like animals or angels in the happy land that needs no heroes.
But since in fact we see that avarice, anger, envy, pride, sloth, lust and stupidity
commonly profit far beyond humility, chastity, fortitude, justice and thought,
and we have to choose, to be human at all...
why then perhaps we must stand fast a little
--even at the risk of being heroes.”