Monday, January 23, 2017

Why Pro-Lifers are More Like Abolitionists than "Single Issue Voters"

A half-million Marchers will descend upon D.C. this week. As in past years, the vast majority will be under age 30, the self-proclaimed pro-life generation. They will march for a cause: the legal protection of the least among us.

Pundits will opine that these are unsophisticated, "single issue" folks. Abortion advocates, who have long since stopped arguing that abortion does not kill a new human life, will reaffirm the mythical power of "Choice." The main-stream media will yawn, since the story doesn't fit their pre-fab narratives.

But courageous witnesses of all races and religions will continue to prod the collective conscience of our country:  Freedom must mean doing the right thing for all, not just for some; legitimate "choice" must exclude the decision to resort to violence; rights must be limited by the responsibility to respect human life; health care must do no harm, especially to the most vulnerable.

Marchers will ask, provocatively, "Why can't we love them both?" And pro-lifers will continue to offer hope after abortion to the millions who now know what they didn't understand then.

The abolition of slavery in the United States was never just one issue among many amid the 19th century political scene. It was a hinge, a turning point, on which the trajectory of our nation would swing.  Even though it meant change to the status quo, the cancer in the body politic had to be uprooted and eliminated, so that all human beings might have a chance to flourish.

In the days of legalized slavery, decades of inculturated crimes against humanity left many citizens with confused consciences, and yet Abolitionists were able to help our nation see the light. The pro-life movement will accomplish the same, in due course.

After all, if we fail to reverse flawed public policies in the light of irrefutable medical evidence about the true identity of the unborn child, then we will miss the opportunity to become the stronger and healthier nation we are capable of becoming. If we fail to protect unborn girls, then our claims to care about women's rights look vacuous.

Uprooting objective evil is a necessary condition for the possibility of taking all other issues seriously. It will create a new aperture through which the good and true and beautiful can stream.

Grace and Peace,

P.S. To make a difference TODAY, click this link to Urge Congress to Support the No Tax-Payer Funding for Abortion Act.