Monday, September 26, 2016

What is Meditating on Christ?

Bl. John Henry Newman, pray for us!

“What is meditating on Christ?  It is simply this,
thinking habitually and constantly of Him
and of His deeds and sufferings. 

“It is to have Him before our minds
as One whom we may contemplate, worship, and address
when we are at home and abroad,
when we are working, or walking, or at rest,
when we are alone, and again, when we are in company;
this is meditating.

“And by this, and nothing short of this,
will our hearts come to feel as they ought. 
We have stony hearts, hearts as hard as the highways;
the history of Christ makes no impression on them.

“And yet, if we would be saved,
we must have tender, sensitive, living hearts;
our hearts must be broken up like ground and dug,
and watered, and tended, and cultivated,
till they become as gardens, gardens of Eden, acceptable to our God,
gardens in which the Lord God may walk and dwell.”

+Blessed John Henry Newman