Monday, April 6, 2015

Only One Son


Many sons have inspired others with religious insights.
Some sons have achieved profound enlightenment.
Only One Son has had an answer for death.
Many sons have been wrongly condemned and executed.
Some sons have been cradled, lifeless, by their families.
Only One Son has returned to kiss and crown his mother.
Many sons have considered themselves prophets.
Some sons have foreseen their own deaths.
Only One Son has predicted and delivered his own resurrection.
Many sons have left this world senselessly slaughtered.
Some sons have returned in visions to console family and friends.
Only One Son has come back to let people touch his transfigured flesh.
Many sons have taught the golden rule.
Some sons have actually lived what they taught.
Only One Son has died and risen to prove it true.
Many sons have been hanged on a tree to die.
Some sons have done so for the sake of others.
Only One Son has returned to eat and drink with his friends.
Many sons have inspired others after going to their graves.
Some sons have thus made the world a better place.
 Only One Son has left the tomb in order to make all things new.

Many sons have prepared a last will and testament.
Some sons have thereby provided great riches posthumously.
 Only One Son has promised to stay with his people until the end of time.