Monday, September 15, 2014

The Third Way
Few issues are as emotionally sensitive and potentially divisive among Catholics as homosexuality.

It seems like there are only two ways to approach the topic:  Either a self-righteous and judgmental condemnation of those who experience same-sex attractions, or a self-righteous and judgmental condemnation of those who want to be faithful to the Christian vision of human sexuality.  Either a blind abandonment of loved ones who are homosexual, or a blind abandonment of Jesus' teaching on marriage, "from the beginning."  Either a blind embrace of homophobic attitudes, or a blind embrace of gay culture.

There is, however, a third voice which has up until now remained largely voiceless.  It speaks with credibility about a way beyond these polarized alternatives.  Indeed, this "third way" gives voice to men and women who have embraced both their homosexual orientations and their call to live the Gospel. 

If your mind and heart is open to hearing about the real struggles and profound insights of this new voice in what too often seems like a tired and tiresome discussion, make a plan to set aside 30 minutes to watch The Third Way.  Please don't judge it until you've seen it, and please stay open to the possibility that there is indeed a way forward for all of us on the topic of homosexuality and the Catholic Church.

If you've never really understood the phenomenon of homosexuality, then this film is for you; if you've never really understood the Catholic Church's teachings about homosexuality, then this film is for you.  This is an opportunity to begin conversations where stony silence or cold condescension has too often prevailed.  This is an opportunity for hope, healing and wholeness for everyone who has struggled either with same-sex attractions or the with Church's teachings on homosexuality.

Consider sharing this gift with family and friends who long to see a new way forward regarding homosexuality and the Catholic Church.

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us--