Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Reclaim Sunday: Top 7 Tips

Seven strategies for securing a special Sabbath--Ancient wisdom with (post)modern "apps":

7.  S.O.S. vs. S.O.S.
Save Ordinary Shopping--and give the errand grind a rest--in order to avoid screaming  "S.O.S."!...

6.  Get back to Nature
Go to a park or visit a forest preserve; take a long walk; admire the beauty of the Creator in his creation...

5.  Get Unplugged and Plugged-in 
Resist technological temptations; ignore email; make some memories to share on Monday's Facebook posting...
4. Find Fine Family Foods
Make Sunday dinner a weekly celebration, and savor your favorite foods of the week...

3. RG3
Read + Garden....Rest + play board Games....(w)Rite a letter + Give service to your community...

2.  Surrender to Silence
Create space to sit and listen to the "still small voice" of the Lord...(10 minutes per week?!)

1.  WWJD
Worship With Joyful Disciples!